Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glued to news sites

Not that I want to be, but this evening I am glued to the news blogs, particularly those doing what seems to be an effective job of amalgamating the news out of Iran. The whole story seems to be very fluid, and very disturbing. It's apparently generally accepted in the US that the results are impossible to believe: tie that with the reports that phones and the internet are being rendered unusable in the country, and it appears that the authorities are implicitly acknowledging the same thing.
This feels like it might be one of those once-in-a-long-while tipping points: like the weeks before the falling of the Berlin Wall, when there was clearly something big coming or like the days in Beijing in Tiananmen Square. It's not clear yet which way things will tip, whether they will collapse or stabilize and in which direction.

Yours, watching,

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awareness said...

It feels the same to me...a tipping point. I was discussing this last night with my own LOML.

Would be interested in reading some of those blogs. thanks.