Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Snafu'd should resign

Governor Snafu'd should resign. And it has nothing to do with his affair. It has to do with the damage he has done to his state, the people of his state, the country, etc.
His affair, and his clumsiness in ending it (if that's what he was doing in Argentina) are irrelevant other than proving his hypocrisy. They are not much worse than Clinton's behaviour, or Edwards, or many others. His hypocrisy, of course, is much worse: he's been holier than thou (and me) for many years.

But of course, the real message here is: gays, you've got to stop marrying! Look how many republican marriages you're giving problems to!

Yours, thinking no worse of the governor than a few days ago -- of course, that was already very bad....

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