Monday, June 1, 2009

Last minute invitations

Well, not quite last minute: but LOML emailed this morning to let me know we'd been invited to dinner at the home of one of my colleagues, who have a very nice house on the lake. Having no plans, and this being an enticing prospect, we jumped at the chance.
A delightfully informal event: fix-them-yourself tortillas and tacos, eaten outside on a deck overlooking trees obscuring the view of the lake, followed by "do you want to go for a boat ride?"
We all jumped into the pontoon boat, put lifejackets on the children, and had a lovely ride down the lake for an hour or two. One of the big highlights was a deer standing stock still by the edge of the lake: the only clue that she was real and not a statue was a tiny flick of her ear as she tracked the sound of the boat.

Yours, loving the lake,

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