Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Hour

A few years ago, before the children were born, we used to gather regularly on the front porch of the restaurant across and down the street from us. We could look over and see who was there, and time our arrival nicely. When Boo was born, we took her over there early on, and the happy hour ritual continued.
Unfortunately, a year or so later, the restaurant closed, the owner sold the building (which was reconverted back into a nice house) and the tradition fell away.
Now it appears that LOML and some friends are going to restart the tradition. Except that instead of gathering at a restaurant, we're going to house hop: one house one week, another the next. We're probably kicking it off here tomorrow night.

Yours, 5-ish, just off the square. Look for us on the front porch,

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