Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting around to things

Finally LOML and I went to bundle together all our phone, tv and internet services --- which will save us a small amount each month (which is of course a larger amount each year). And one of the big side benefits is that our DSL speed is going to get better ---- we've had 1.5Mb download, and as of Tuesday, that will go up to 6Mb.
This has, of course, led me to ponder: why can't they list download speeds in bytes (which everyone kinda-sorta understands, since those are the units used for file sizes) rather than bits? Other that the fact that of course, the speeds look higher, and everyone assumes that it is listing bytes anyway?

The other imponderable is why it will take to Tuesday to get the switchover to happen (which is actually a rather inconvenient day, since I will be out of town until Wednesday morning....) Oh well.

Yours, waiting patiently,

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