Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phone snag

I've spent the past few days attempting to switch internet service from one company (BadCompany1) to another (BadCompany2). For much of the past couple of days, I've fought BC2's stupidity, programs for "easy installation" etc. I've spent close to an hour and a half on the phone playing "let's forward the customer to another person, round and round the departments, from tech support to sales, back to tech support, to billing, etc.
And by the end of it, I was furious, and willing to spit fire, even stick with my old service provider.
But I toughed it out, got connected, figured bits and pieces out, etc. And just now I tried to cancel my account with BC1. I think that I managed it. I started the process at about 10:20, and was on hold for a few minutes. I hung up, and phoned back, trying another phrase than "I want to cancel my account" (thinking that that might just land me in infinite-loop-hell). And I waited.
And waited.

And waited.

I put the phone on speaker phone.

And waited.

And waited.

And about 30 minutes or so later, I got through to "Tanya" at the service desk.
And of course, she had to ask all the questions --- "What is the reason you are cancelling service" --- "If we were to offer you a cheaper price...." --- "We hate to lose a loyal customer..." --- that her script provided her. After all, my call might have been being recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Finally, fifteen minutes or so later, we're done. I have a confirmation number that I've cancelled service. As of today.

And they will send me a confirmation. In *TWO* *STRFUINGG$#@%Y@#* WEEKS.

C'mon. This is the internet age.

Yours, most pissed off by the fact that I actually had to do this over the phone -- since the only other options were *FAX* (yes, I said *FAX*!) or snail mail!

Oh, and the name of BC2, just in case you wish to know, is available on request.

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