Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making an exhibit

I've agreed to teach an origami summer camp next month (I'm torn between loving the idea and screaming "what was I thinking?????") and went in today to sign all the forms they need --- certifying I'm only peddling weapons of math instruction, not mass destruction, etc --- only to find out that they want to put together a display of all of the instructors' art works. And so over the next few days I need to fold an exhibit.
Now, I believe in the community ethics: I can't fold other people's works without permission (especially if the works are for sale, which the arts center wishes to be the case). And I don't have that many saleable models I've designed myself.

So, for the next couple of days, in my copious free time, I need to design something new and nice.

Yours, stuck,

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awareness said...

how about a Moose? Can you fold a Moose? :)

I've got great news N! I posted about it last night. Your crossed fingers from spring most certainly helped.

I'm heading to a job where I should be....after a long, long haul. hooray!