Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That sinking feeling

An intentional double-entendre in the title: I taught students this evening how to do an open sink in origami (and how to do a double open sink too).  This came after showing them Robert Lang's amazing TED video, which left them oooohing and aaaahing in amazement. 

Then, after I got home, and helped LOML with the bedtime duties, I stepped onto the Wii, and found that --- only a couple of weeks in --- I had managed to meet my second two-week goal a good while early, and am now no longer classified as ultra-obese.  I'm now merely obscenely overweight.  A lovely sinking feeling!

Yours, dropping like a stone, and hoping in the next few months to drop a stone or two,

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Gardengirl said...

Yeah Neil!!! So proud!