Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arby's has an offensive ad

Arby's has an ad playing: it sings a nice message, that we are all the same, regardless of our differences, whether we be skiers or boarders, cat people or dog people, cowboys or city slickers, we all look the same in the nude.

And indeed we do.

But I suspect that a serious group of people might be offended by the ad: because its message is that we all like beef.  And this of course is not true!  Some of us, yours truly included, do indeed like beef.  But a significant portion of the populace do not.

Fortunately for Arby's, and I suspect that this was a part of their calculation, it doesn't matter what the non-beefeaters feel: they are unlikely to eat at a beef sandwich fast food restaurant in the first place!

Yours, offended by their willingness to offend the irrelevant,


misopretty18 said...

Are you serious about being offended by an Arby's commercial? I don't eat beef but I thought it was a funny commercial. There's way too many things to be worried about in this world to be offended by a fast-food restaurant.
Were you offended by the Groupon Superbowl commercials too?

BreadBox said...

I'm not really offended by the ad -- but I am somewhat offended by the thoughtlessness of the company: I thought that they could have made the ad with a little bit more care so that it oculd still be pretty funny, and not risk offending a group (a group, as I point out, who they probably don't give a hoot about offending).

The groupon ad? Meh. I thought it was pretty bad, but more on the "that was pretty bad" than "that was offensive".