Monday, February 7, 2011

100 days

One of Skibo's homework assignments this weekend was to get read for Day 100 at school: he was to collect 100 somethings together to take to school this morning.
After lots of back and forth (no, you can't take 100 dollar bills, no, you can't take 100 weapons, toy or not, no, you can't take 100 whatever-else-inappropriate-came-to-his-minds) he finally decided on 100 origami pianos.  This is a delightful little fold from Montroll's Easy Origami: book fold, book fold, unfold, cupboard fold, unfold, squash fold twice, plus a couple of shaping folds to make it three dimensional.
Boo, in a wonderful display of good-big-sisterliness offered to help him construct them, and shortly after declared she was going to teach LOML, and I jumped in to fold some, so, for the first time ever, the four of us were sitting doing origami together.
LOML rustled up a big posterboard, and glued them in place, a 10x10 checkerboard pattern of blue and yellow houses.  And this morning he took it in to the class.

Yours, loving the togetherness of the family helping him with the project,

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