Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pinch and a punch, first of the month

Another month down, another two to go.  Still, if my real age is touching older, my Wii age today was quite a lot younger!  Shows how much Nintendo knows.
Still, I've been putting in a good amount of time exercising --- half an hour of free step with big arm swings today, even though I didn't get in until 9pm, and then sang songs and read poems to the children.  The discipline of entering things on the machine helps me keep to the schedule.

Skibo took a massive step today: he has been reading fluently for a while, and reading chapter books too, but he still didn't seem to be enjoying it very much.  However, this afternoon he turned down a chance to go over to his friend's house and play for an hour or two in order to finish the final chapter of his book!  Admittedly, part of the reason he did it was to be able to watch some television later, but still, he spent a quarter of an hour or more dedicatedly reading (still out loud, so I know this!) and even happily considered which chapter book he'll read next.  So many, many moments to be proud of him and of Boo these days!

Yours, punching to pinch fewer inches,

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