Monday, February 21, 2011


Boo and Skibo (or more precisely, primarily Skibo) have discovered the joy of science, experimental science.  Yesterday, and today, we sat down and read about some experiments to investigate acidity, surface tension and inertia.  This led to us some discussion of the science (rather minimal: after all, they are 6 and 8 years old!) followed by the experiments:
1) Place two pennies in shot glasses containing, respectively, Coke and diced tomatoes.  Compare what happens after ten minutes, an hour, a day.
2) Pour some milk into a deep plate: drop a couple of drops of green, red, blue and yellow food colouring in the middle of the plate, forming a little colour palette in the middle.  Next, dip a q-tip into the milk, so it is damp: pour a drop of dishwashing liquid onto the q-tip, then dip it back into the centre of the plate.
3) Place a wide tumbler three quarters full of water on a table (outside is *way* best here!) Put a pie plate on top, with the rim upwards, and place the tube from a used-up roll of toilet paper on the plate, and balance an egg on the top of the tube.  Figure out how to get the egg into the glass of water without touching anything but the pie plate.
Fantastic fun was had by all....

Yours, loving the little experimenters,

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