Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Short posts

One of these days, I will post more than three lines again.  At the moment, my blogging is facing almost a perfect storm.  I'm starting the new term at work, taking way more time than I have to spare: I'm just back from two trips, and heading off on a third, taking way more time than I have to spare: the children are back in school, and so LOML and I have to help get them to bed early, do their homework, shuffle them off to school in the morning (granted, this is 93% LOML, but still, it seems to take more and more time!): write notes, recommendation letters, etc.  All of which takes more time than I... oh, you get the picture.  Still life is good, but I have no time or energy to blog about it.

Plus, I have nothing to say.  And still, it takes me three lines (or more, today) to say it!
Yours, three-lining it in general,

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