Thursday, January 14, 2010

At the conference

Today is a slightly less busy day for the conference schedule --- so I have to go around the book displays deciding which few new treasured volumes will meet my shelves.  I'll always visit my two favourite publishers first, A K Peters --- small, helpful, nicely priced, and with a fantastic catalogue for my interests: the other, CUP is a larger, academic press, but they have a wonderful staff, and a great collection of books.  With each of them, it's like seeing old friends again.
Strike that, it is seeing old friends again!

Tomorrow will likely be a busier day: I'm helping judge undergraduate research in the afternoon, there are a bunch of plenary talks I want to go to, and best of all, there's a whole session on origami and math in the morning. I"m really looking forward to that, even if it does mean catching  the 7:10 ferry!

Origami, mathematics, and friends: what more could I ask?  At least for a few days while I'm away:-)

Yours, planning the days out,

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