Monday, January 11, 2010

Alone again,

naturally,.... but not as depressed as Gilbert O'Sullivan...

Second evening in the house by myself -- tomorrow I fly off to San Francisco.  Again, the house feels very strange, knowing that it's just me.   I could, of course, go over and check on the children, but it's far better not to, I think: it would just be disruptive and get in the way of them enjoying extended sleepovers.  So I'm just sitting here, thinking about packing my suitcase for the trip, wondering whether to take one computer or two, etc.

LOML is apparently having a great time: the hotel is lovely, and rather more comfortable than the one we stayed in in England last month.

Only a few more hours before the trip: I hate this day-before-trip thing.  Tomorrow will be much better.

Yours, off to pack,

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