Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flew, shot

I'm guessing that it may be because I'm tired, and that it may be because I was on several planes over the past few days, and with 5000 of my closest friends for the best part of a week.  But the coincidence is just too good.

I got my flu shot this morning.  Completely painless, quick, sure to (perhaps) protect me (or perhaps lend a bit of protection: the experts differ as to how effective flu shots are).  I had been meaning to get one for a while.

Two hours later, as I prepared to listen to a talk by one of the leading experts in mathematical models of vaccine distribution (who gave a great talk on why we should vaccinate all school children first, then the rest of the population if possible), as I was thinking about the flu, and secure that I had been vaccinated, I started to feel, well, flu-ish.
Perhaps it's a cold.  Perhaps it's the flu.  Who knows.  But this evening, I feel crummy.

Yours, sniffling in public,

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