Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everything is going swingingly

We dropped the children with friends, and went to pick up the swing set.   Santa had very kindly dropped it off at a neighbours house, since we were not here to keep it safe at Christmas.
Then LOML and I, with the much appreciated assistance of a friend, spent a couple of hours sorting through the various parts, and getting started on assembling the contraption.

It looks like it will be, in concept at least, reasonably simple to put together.  However, the instructions could do with much fine tuning, and just finding which bolt is B-TB, and which washer and nut go with it, has already proved rather irritating.  At two points we had to go back and reverse pieces because
(a) the instructions didn't make it clear until three steps later that we had them in the wrong direction, and (b) it was physically possible to insert the pieces upside down.
Fortunately the weather, while cold, was bright and sunny, and promises to be the same today.  We'll go out in the heat of noon (just below freezing) to finish the job.

Yours, putting it all together.

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