Thursday, May 28, 2009


Summer storms, when they are violent, vicious, yet tamed by being outside (and without the threat of tornados!) fill me simultaneously with thrills and dread. I love the flash of lightning, seemingly almost right next to the house, the sudden clap of thunder close enough that i jump both at the sight and the sound at once. Fortunately, the sounds haven't woken Boo and Skibo, who went to sleep early tonight for once. It would be unpleasant if they woke up and then refused to go back to sleep, especially since they haven't discovered the raw beauty of this sort of storm yet. But as yet, they sleep on.

Yours, enjoying the hairs raising on hte back of my neck...

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awareness said...

I love summer storms...and remember many vividly during my time as a camp counsellor in Northern Ontario...the calm and heat of the summer night all of a sudden turning into a loud windy electrical show! They can be ferocious.
Unfortunately, my beautiful daughter is absolutely terrified of them. Won't she make a fearless leader this summer as a camp counsellor?? :) She'll be under the covers with her campers!