Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last day of freedom

Tomorrow we meet with the research students at the beginning of the eight week program. And so today was my last day of freedom.
Naturally, I filled it with books and origami and food.
We went to the bookstore first --- we had a meet & greet with friends who just returned from China having a adopted a baby girl, and needed to buy some gifts for them -- books, of course:-)
Next, our friends at the geology museum had their open day, and they had asked me if I would teach some simple dinosaur models. I've done this before for them, and was happy to help out, especially since it involved origami.
And finally, we had friends over for dinner --- a dozen people or so, half kids, half grown ups. We did the simple fare, burgers, dogs, corn, potatoes and salad. This led to a late night for everyone, especially the children. But it's okay: tomorrow's Sunday, and they can sleep in. Not that they will, but they can.

Yours, in anticipation of being busy,

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