Friday, May 15, 2009

Fin de vacation

Today, being the last day I have off -- barring Memorial Day and July 4th -- until we go to the beach in August -- I put to good vacation use.
This morning, LOML and I headed to Boo's school to put together some garden wagons for the memory garden at the school. Thanks to one of the staff members replacing tools we couldn't find in our own limited collection, the work went quickly, and we were able to get back home in time to take Skibo to his class at 8:45. And since it was my last day of freedom, I headed into his class with him, to demonstrate some origami to them for the last time.
An hour or so later, it was off to work, where I met with some international teachers I'd been working with this semester, sat down to my computer to update various bits of hardware and software, and finally got home again about 5pm.

If this is vacation, please, roll on the real work.
Yours, in need of a non-vac,

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awareness said...

You need to finangle more down time!