Saturday, May 23, 2009

More origami

This afternoon, in what was a big step for me, I finished folding my first attempt at a Robert Lang piece from his "Origami Insects And Their Kin". This book has been the one volume in my collection by which I was completely intimidated. Every model in it is incomprehensibly complex, unbelievably difficult for a rank amateur like myself, and, put simply, hard.

So, having finished a first attempt at an Orb Weaver, a reasonably not-to-bad-at-all-first-attempt, an attempt which actually has eight legs, as it should, and a body which isn't completely unlike the picture in the book, I feel pretty darned pleased with myself.

Of course, LOML immediately said "what's that, a tick?"

Yours, unappreciated in my modest accomplishments here,

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