Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hubris comes back

to bite me on the ....
Since I've had some moderate success over the past few days folding Montroll's dinosaurs, I decided I was going to throw caution to the winds, and attempt to fold a piece from Lang's nearly-all-insects. Specifically, I thought that I'd fold a spider.
Hubris, as in pride goeth before a fall -- I'm still failing miserably.

Soon, though. I'm going to do this. Fold *just one piece* in that book! I'm not having it taunting me any more!

On an unrelated note, the movie "Between the folds" is showing in Brooklyn and in Transylvania in June. If you are near either locale, make sure that you get a chance to attend the relevant festival and be amazed!

Yours, re-modestified,

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