Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We fought the computers and the computers won

No!  The computers lost!

I got skype installed on the appropriate box this morning, and thanks to my tech guru support, got audio working with more than several seconds (but fewer than several minutes) to spare.
The talk by my math guru went superbly well: he gave a very polished presentation, in spite of being fourteen hours later than us, and hence more ready for a night cap than a recap.   There are lots of things we will change next time we do it, but for a first attempt I thought that it went really well.

Next, my algorithms/optimization guru sat down with my research group to discuss various possibilities, and gave lots of good advice, and is interested in the project.  Hopefully this will provide a shot of adrenalin to the project (which is going quite well, but could be faster).

Then, time to turn the tables: off  to the bookstore, where, as soon as I walked in, I heard a chorus of "Breadbox!  Would you like to install a modem?"  After ascertaining that in fact they meant a wireless router (as I assumed), I told them I would try.  Unfortunately, their ISP  is ATT, which means that the installation process is awful, involving an installer which does nothing but get in the way.  After two times through the installation, with the installer telling me I'd made an error, or that there was something wrong with the installation, I decided to do it the right way (semi-technically speaking, I entered into the address bar of the browser, and did it all manually).  Two minutes later (after forty minutes battling the installer) it was done and working.  Three minutes after that, I'd set wireless up, and was able to just visit the store for a while!

All in all, I make the score as follows:
gurus for me: 3
me as a guru: 1

Yours, considering it to be win-win day for everyone, despite the score,

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