Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cherokee dancers

This morning we went to celebrate the official opening of the Cherokee Worldview Garden at the botanical gardens.   It is a beautiful addition to a wonderful facility, but as underused and underfunded as the gardens are,  I was expecting that our family would be a significant proportion of those in attendance. 
To my surprise, when we arrived, the rather large car park was relatively full, with many dozens of cars already parked.  And to our delight, when we left at the end of the event, it was relatively full!  This suggests that at least a couple of hundred people attended the event.

There were several different presentations going on: a story-teller, a weapons-maker demonstrating throwing spears and atlatls, another demonstration of pigments and dyes from ground geodes, and the piece de resistance, a group of Cherokee warriors demonstrating traditional dances.

They were thrilling and enthralling: the children watching with faces frozen in wonder, LOML and I enjoying, laughing and thrilling to the antics.  An absolutely marvellous show, and we now want to visit their historical reproduction of a Cherokee village really soon.

Yours, thrilled,

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