Monday, June 14, 2010

Boo's becoming a big girl

Boo is no longer a small child: this comes through every day in so many ways: but this afternoon she threw me for a loop.

We'd gone to the pool: LOML, Boo, Skibo and me, together with A, Skibo's friend, a lovely five year old boy.  We returned after swimming to the house, and I was preparing dinner when Boo came through, rather distraught:
"I've just done the most embarrassing thing in my life" my seven year old says
"Oh?" says I, curious
"Oh yes", she says. "I went into Skibo's room, but hello, A was in there, and hello, I was naked.  And a boy was in there!"

This from a girl who has, with A & M, and Skibo, defined summer for the past
few years: including, but not limited to, lots of running around without clothes.

Yours, unprepared for my little girl to be growing up so quickly,

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