Tuesday, June 1, 2010


LOML and I went to cheer on Boo this afternoon at the first grade awards ceremony: she's done quite well in general, and as far as we can tell, exceptionally well in reading.  We were surprised, therefore, that the two awards she received were in art and writing.
Now, don't get us wrong, we are delighted that she is doing well in those subjects. But we are very keen that she read well, and she has been doing so, and is reading, so we are told, at about three grade levels above expectations.
So, when we tell her every day how thrilled we are with how well she reads, and then she is not one of those called up for reading achievements, we are less than thrilled.
Now, strictly speaking, the two reading awards had nothing to do with ability: one was for "improvement", and the other was for participation in an accelerated reader program.  I understand, and agree that the improvement award should probably celebrate those who were not doing well and have improved (rather than those who were doing incredibly well, and have improved even more).  The other program, on the other hand, appears to be more aimed at those who jump through certain hoops rather than achieve reading fluency.

LOML and I have sworn that we won't become those parents: the ones who are upset at any perceived slight, any lack of recognition, etc.  But we are in danger of getting that way.  But we're going to continue to resist the urge.

Yours, knowing that I sound like I'm complaining, but trying instead to celebrate Boo's achievements as the best reader --- by far --- around,

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