Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sports? Sports? We don't need no steenkin sports

It's not even rowing.  Or snooker.  (Although Henley must be coming up very soon, though I doubt it will be shown live on ESPN).
No, it's minor sports like the World Cup, the College World Series, and Wimbledon.  (Okay, that second one is pretty minor, but...)
I will admit to having watched -- simultaneously --- the final few minutes of both the USA and the England games.  And enjoyed both.  But what amazes me today is the tennis match still in play.  Four sets played, the fifth still going on.  A typical longish five set match might have, say, 50 games.  These two have a score of 59-59 in the final set alone!  About three times as long as a typically long match!

Yours, impressed by their stamina,

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