Saturday, July 31, 2010

strange laws

Having grown up in the UK, I have always found the US and Canadian laws regarding alcohol rather amusing.  Except, of course, when they apply to me.  It is a pain in the neck having to remember to buy wine on Saturday if I'm having guests over on Sunday, for example.
Anyway, Pennsylvania has amongst the strangest laws in the country.  Four days before prohibition was repealed in the 30's, the state created the Liquor Control Board, with an explicit aim to make it as expensive and inconvenient as possible to drink alcohol.  It's still in place.  You can buy a six-pack of beer from a bar, but to buy wine or spirits, you have to go to a state-run store.  And, of course, never on a Sunday!  (Actually, I just checked that fact, and it's false: 12-5pm on Sundays in a few stores, but most are closed)

But still, times change, and things become more rational.  And Pennsylvania continues to confound.  They've just made it possible to buy wine in a handful of grocery stores, but the method that they've chosen boggles the mind!

Yours, completely bamfoozled by the concept that someone somewhere could possibly think that this was a good idea,

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