Monday, July 12, 2010

Remember the days of summer?

Remember those days of summer, when you were young, and could run around outside all day long, when cares were saved for the return of the school year, when ice cream trucks would sing their songs, and your parents would occasionally let you go buy a '99' or an ice lolly?
Some of that freedom pervades Boo and Skibo's lives these days --- they are swimming a lot, and having swimming lessons this week -- but much of it does not. 
For a start, it's just plain too damn hot here in the summer for them to be outside the whole time: close to twenty degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the temperatures I grew up with in Britain: and I have not heard a single ice cream truck all summer.
And unfortunately, it's just so easy for me to give in, to let them watch a movie or tv show, or play games on the computer.  I need to do better, do origami or science experiments with them, read, and have them read to me: just talk with them!

Yours, not failing as a parent,  but feeling a need to do better,

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