Monday, July 5, 2010

Pine mouth? Really?

The party went well: a lower ratio of friends to students than some years, but people seemed to enjoy themselves, the food was good, and we were only left with a lot of leftovers --- and our friend K insisted to our dismay that she wanted to spend the party washing up in the kitchen: we missed her at the party, but the kitchen was spotless at the end!

But this morning, I heard a distressing story, enough to take away the memory of the party, and disturb my my being.  Pine mouth.

Apparently, there are cases galore, and spreading, of people, perhaps having a bad reaction to pine nuts, perhaps having a reaction to bad pine nuts, or just to unusual chinese strains; they wake up one morning and nothing taste right: they have an unpleasant metallic taste in their mouths for days.
I've been thinking about bulk ordering more pine nuts for a while --- for a bit they were unavailable, and I keep thinking that I should check again.  But perhaps I should wait first to see if this story has legs: if it does, it could decrease demand substantially, and make them much easier and cheaper to find.

Yours, pining for the nuts,

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