Friday, July 30, 2010

From The Spanish Table

On Wednesday, I cooked a recipe from The Spanish Table, one of our new cookbooks: I went with roasted potatoes with piquante tomato sauce and an allioli (to which I added some Dijon mustard), together with my standard breaded chicken and vegetables.
It tasted so good, and there was so much allioli and tomato sauce left that last night I made pizza, topping it with the tomato sauce, and serving the allioli on the side to dip the pizza in.  It was transformational.  That good.  Hyperbole, and in italics, yet.
Tonight, we're going to see if we can tempt K&K to come over for dinner, with pork chops on the menu: served, as it happens, with piquante tomato sauce and Dijon allioli. 

Yours, happy with the way the first recipe from the cookbook turned out, and excited to try more,

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