Monday, July 15, 2013

Little things

It is funny how little things can affect your behaviour. At my home institution, parking is something of an issue.  Enough of an issue that it probably beats out salaries as being the biggest concern of the average faculty member.  If I don't arrive at work before about 7:45, the nearest parking spot will be five to ten minutes from my office.  And that is during the summer, the off-season for academics!
But here, visiting colleagues in Michigan, parking is, if not ample, there, and so, my colleague informs me, he rarely gets to the office before 10am.  I've often taught two classes by that time of day!
Still, it gave me time to get up, eat a leisurely breakfast, and put in a good half hour on a treadmill and exercise bike this morning.  And shower.  And sit here twiddling my thumbs for another half an hour or so.
Yours, up, and ready to go,

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