Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bring your kids to work day

I took the kids with me to work this morning --- it was easier to do, since my colleague was teaching the class today, and I was kibbitzing, rather than the other way round --- but even if I'd been lecturing it would have been okay.  The kids sat there and read (and in Skibo's case, played on the wii) and were respectful and quiet.  At one point, Boo leaned over to me and said "Why aren't you teaching?"  I explained that the two of us were teaching the course together, and she nodded as if she understood.

During the long break for lunch, we went swimming, visiting the grocery store first, to get sunscreen, and then again after, to get sandwiches.  Then back to work, where the kids got to see my students grilled on their homework, presenting solutions to questions at the board.

I'm not sure how much they got out of the experience, but it's good to know that they can survive it and not resent it too badly:-)

Yours, wondering if they have any idea what a normal one hour class looks like,

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