Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day three done too

Another lecture that went, I think, quite well.  It's a bit strange to give talks to undergraduates as part of a lecture series, and to get applauded at the end (and I gather that they are not applauding all the other lectures, so I'm definitely taking it as a compliment).
Walked to the hotel from the department this afternoon: it was hot --- still almost 90 Fahrenheit --- and humid, but the walk wasn't too bad: under 30 minutes.   I think that I can walk to and from for the next two days, perhaps with the exception of Friday afternoon, when we are supposed to be strong thunderstorms.
One disappointment is that some of the faculty members I had hoped to interact with here are away -- and several others leave tomorrow morning, so I am pretty much on my own with the students from now on.  But that's okay --- I can spend more time with them!

Yours, in full on teaching mode,

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carmilevy said...

How lucky they are to have you show them the way! I wish all teachers were this inspired, and inspiring.