Monday, June 24, 2013

On not believing

I read an interesting article today on support networks for atheists (I think it actually applies far more broadly, to those of us who don't express a positive belief in the non-existence of deities, while at the same time not expressing a positive belief in their existence either).
The thing that I found most interesting was the support group they left out: the daily community that churches give to their members: the built in groups of friends who hang out because they believe in the same tenets and stories and sing the same hymns.
It's why we have potluck: over the years it feels like we have our own little community: we don't build it around religion or lack of belief: it is a community of friends who come together every few days to be a community: to hug and smile and laugh, and be friends.
And that's the network the article missed.

Yours, loving our community,

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