Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Skibo's birthday, the school ediition

Skibo's birthday falls outside the regular school year, and so his teacher told us that we could celebrate is birthday at lunchtime sometime after the semester began.
We chose to go in today, so that both LOML and I could attend: we brought cookies (store bought), lemon bars (made by LOML)  and strawberries, just washed and hulled and sprinkled  with a very little sugar.
A lovely little gathering, and I think that Skibo enjoyed it.
I felt a little sorry for one girl, who was fasting for Ramadan, and had one more day to go before she could participate in such activities -- had we realised, we would probably have scheduled it for Thursday -- but I was tremendously impressed with how well she handled it: not a trace of sadness that she couldn't join in, just a strength of character that she could bring to bear.

This evening we went to our new favourite restaurant, the thai place downtown, and while the meal was delicious, we were rather put out that the service was dreadful.  And as this was the second time in three visits that the service had been awful, it may rapidly become our previously favourite restaurant.

Yours, happy with the day, except for the service,

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