Monday, August 29, 2011


A busy evening: the school district had a small get-together to welcome volunteers (which had been relocated  from the district offices to the school, at least partly because of all of LOML's hard work in the school's memory garden): we were surprised that they chose to take photos of us and give us permanent badges to wear when we are in the school.  Surprised and perturbed: had we known, we might have worn different clothes, brought hairbrushes, etc!  And I might not have cycled to the school!

We had to rush away from the gathering early (a shame, since the food was both nice and healthy) up the slope behind the school to the field for soccer practice.  I spent the best part of an hour walking, while LOML went back to get some stuff done at home.

Yours, rushing around, but fitting some exercise in there too,

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