Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rumbles of thunder

Finally, a little rain today: LOML and Boo have been making jewellery together --- mainly earrings --- and decided to sell them at the market on the square this afternoon.  Unfortunately, the skies decided half an hour into their sitting there, having only sold one pair, that it was time to drench the town.  Skibo and I had gone down to see how they were doing, and got there just in time to get wet.
Everyone there, dismayed as we all were to see the market shut down, was delighted by the fact that it was raining: we've had very little for the past few weeks, and while we're not in a drought like we were a couple of years back, it was beginning to get a little worrying.

Unfortunately, it also chose to thunder a little --- and only a little --- right at the time when we had planned to go swimming, and consequently we didn't manage to get in the pool this evening.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Yours, singing, and dancing in the rain,

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