Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An eye on London

We made it to the National Gallery this morning, finally: we'd tried to go last year, but didn't make it.  Our big reason for going was that the children have a book they love: "Dogs' Night Out", about dogs in paintings there which switch places and cause much consternation: it was lovely to give them a chance to see the original pieces of art around which the story was based.

Afterwards, after lunch, we took a rather disappointing big bus tour, and hurried off that to the Eye -- the massive almost-Ferris wheel across from the Houses of Parliament: neither LOML nor I was particularly interested, but the children begged and pleaded, so we shelled out for tickets: and were extremely pleasantly amazed: it started with a incredibly surprisingly impressive "4D" movie (actually 3D plus some special physical effects): well worth the few minutes it lasted!

The Eye itself had a long queue, but it moved very quickly, and we were on in well under a half an hour: and the view from the module as we slowly rose, turned round and went down again, was fantastic: it was just turning from dusk to dark, and so various features like Big Ben were lighted up, and it was quite beautiful.

Yours, very happy to be so pleasantly surprised,

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