Monday, December 27, 2010

Castles again!

At the very end of our castle tour on Friday, we discovered that the audio tours were free.  We'd not realised this before, and had chosen not to investigate them (I used to actually work renting them out, and hadn't thought them worth the couple of quid they cost back thrumpty sevix years ago).
However, we went round the castle again today, and this time, all four of us had our own personal guided tours. The adult tours were good, competent, and much better than all that time ago, but the kids' version sounded amazing!  Boo and Skibo kept bursting out with laughter at the tour, and they were kept infinitely more engaged than they had been last time.  It really made for a lovely, lovely visit.

Yours, now regretting not having used the guides for the previous two tours,

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awareness said...

Hey N!

Belated Merry Christmas! And a much ELATED Happy New Year to you and your family.

May your journey continue to include visits to castles as well as trips to the beach to make them.

Take care...... happy travels!