Friday, December 31, 2010

Back home

Up at 5am, GMT, at the airport by 6:40, on a plane to JFK, and then after a second plane, and a long drive, we were home.  The pets are all well, which is a relief, and lovely friends have cleaned up the kitchen and a couple of other rooms: what a pleasant surprise!
I've gone to the store, we're ready for New Year, Skibo's asleep (and seeming much better) and Boo is about to brush her teeth and get to bed.  I doubt any of us will stay up till midnight.

The trip was strained: Skibo threw up at Heathrow as we were checking in our luggage: and Boo seems to have come down with perhaps an ear infection today (she was complaining of her ears hurting as we descended each time).
Hopefully they'll both get a good nights sleep and be better in the morning.  In the New Year.

Yours, wishing everyone a very happy New Year (since it already is, GMT!)

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