Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strep strikes

Two children with strep.  Poor little ones.  Fortunately, LOML got them to the doctor early, and they are on antibiotics which appear to be knocking out the symptoms quickly. 
We're very pleased to discover that in the past couple of months since they have had to take medication, both of them seem to have come round to the idea of taking it.  It takes chocolate as a bribe, but they are willing, over a period of ten minutes of procrastination, to actually swallow a whole 4ml of medicine.

I suspect that the next battle will be in a couple of days, when they are feeling completely back to normal, are back at school, and still have another week of three doses a day to go.  And don't understand why they need to finish the treatment....

Yours, glad they are feeling better,

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