Sunday, May 9, 2010


Every Sunday I listen to NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, and at 19 minutes before 9, I play along with Will Shortz's puzzle segment.
Last weekend he had a clue which really stumped me: I finally came up with a solution on Tuesday --- and this morning, to my surprise, I discovered that my solution was in fact incorrect.  Surprise, since I thought my solution was actually about as good as his.
The puzzle was essentially this: what city does


represent?  The intended solution was Concord ( C on C or D ): my I prefer my
solution of New Orleans.   Why?  Read the C/D as SeeDee, which is homophonic in the US to "city", and you get "City below C level".  Or New Orleans.

Oh well.  I don't mind losing, even if I do think I have a good alternate solution!

Yours, enigmatically,

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