Friday, July 24, 2009


The week is done. I'm exhausted, completely wiped, intellectually and physically.
I think that the origami camp participants had a great time this week -- many of them were trying to persuade me to run classes during the fall or the spring, which I'd certainly contemplate doing: once a week for an hour or so is rather less intimidating than three contact hours per day (plus setup) for a week.

But for now, it's done. And I'm glad. I'll go along on Sunday to meet-and-greet the students, and hear their parents talk about how impressed they are with the pieces the students folded (there will be a bunch of stuff on display) --- but that is it for the next few weeks. At least for that. There's still another eight days of classes to get through in the morning before life is free again.

Yours, semi-free,

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