Saturday, November 29, 2008


As always, Thanksgiving means leftovers, and leftovers mean turkey and ham in abundance. So we had our friends from the bookstore over: they love soups, and there was a football game this afternoon so the bookstore was closed, so we were able to persuade them to come over around 3 and stay much longer than usual.
We gave them the choice: pea and ham soup (maritimes style!) or turkey and bean soup. We'll be eating the turkey bean soup tomorrow, as they plumped down for the pea and ham soup without hesitation.
The children helped with the bread this morning --- and as always we had fun with the dough, playing and learning. I'm pretty sure that before they are ten they'll be among the best bakers in the state:-)

A gentle day, other than that: it rained again, so we're up to average rainfall for the day. A lot more to go for the month, and more still for the year, but every little staves off the drought a little longer. This batch of rain looks to last the weekend too, for which we're thankful.

Mind you, if we're to get precipitation, I'd love if it would get a bit colder and snow!

Yours, dreaming,

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