Saturday, November 15, 2008

James Bond

It seems there must be a new Bond film out: all sorts of blogs seem to be focussing on who is the favourite of all the Bonds (always leaving out, of course, Niven, David, and Allen, Woody).
Strangely, nobody seems to be relating the story of how Connery came to be cast as Bond in the first place. The story as I have heard it is the following: Ian Fleming really wanted Roger Moore to play the role, but he was tied up, happy playing the role of Simon Templar, and unwilling to break his contract to take the role (curiously, there's a similar story as to why Pierce Brosnan wouldn't take the role in the mid-80's).
Apparently Fleming was having lunch with Brocolli, and discussing the fact that Moore wouldn't take the role. Looking over Cubby's shoulder, he spotted someone walking away across the studio lot, and said "That's him. That's Bond."
The actor walking away was Connery, of course.

Yours, always opting for "stirred, not shaken". And never vodka.

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