Saturday, May 26, 2007

Zoos, gorillas, giraffes...

This morning, in the hope of serendipity playing a welcome role, we had planned to drive to the newly relocated (boo...) Freedom Aloft Weekend in Simpsonville. It was much more convenient when it was just down the road in Anderson, but need and greed must, and it has moved on.
Sprogs, however, were sleeping much too peacefully to be up in time to see the balloons aloft: we'd have had to be out of the door before seven, and in the end the little ones weren't even up by eight.
Still, we hadn't mentioned the balloons to them (how smart we were!) but had decided that if we were going to be already in Simpsonville, half way to the zoo in Columbia, then we should all visit the animals. Of course, the children we delighted with this prospect.

All in all, a lovely day --- we got to be within a (very heavy duty plate) glass width of two different gorillas, feed giraffes, and watch sea lions play in their swimming pool. Of course, I spent every couple of minutes thinking how lucky I am not to be in that sort of confined environment, and wondering if we are better off not introducing children to zoos, so that we don't encourage their use....
At the same time, there is something wonderful about their being able to see and even interact with those gorgeous animals. I suspect that the ethical answer is trivial, and that I am just doomed to be unethical on this issue.


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