Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tried and true to something new

Time to experiment today: I frequently make the Chocolate Roulade from Julia and Jacques' Cooking at Home (Julia Child and Jacques Pepin): it is simple and sinful: but it is simple. A couple of weeks ago I gilded the lily by placing sliced fresh (and luscious) strawberries on the cake before I rolled it up.

Today, I'm going to try a step or two further: instead of rolling up the cake, I'm going to cut it into pieces, and stack them as a layered cake. For layers, one will be whipped cream as per the original cake: at least one layer is going to be a ganache of dark chocolate, and it will be either topped with strawberries or I will put sliced strawberries in one of the layers.

Oh, the lengths that LOML and I go to when our friends have birthdays:-)


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