Monday, May 28, 2007

Remember the fallen with a 'cue

reureuToday is Memorial Day here in the US, and as is traditional, everybody has a barbecue. Or more precisely, an outdoor gathering at which a gas grill is preheated, pre-prepared patties are charred and shared, hotdogs, both inedible and vegetarian are warmed through, and everyone has to endure the fact that the temperature here in the southeast is somewhere on the warm side of endurable.

We have a tradition of two parties for our REU students: one at my colleague's place for Memorial Day, and one later in the program at my house for July 4th. In an attempt to liven the food for MD, I usually make some focaccia, a roulade, and a couple of other things.

Yesterday, LOML went over to friends to cook --- they were going to experiment with some new dishes: our neighbours took our little ones with them to see show horses at the arena, and then to go swimming at the lake. So I was left with the kitchen to myself, and, I thought, lots of time to use it.

First off, make a poolish for the focaccia: then prepare the sausage rolls. LOML has been suggesting that I try vegetarian sausage in them for some time now, so this morning when we were shopping (sans children!) we bought some. Ugh. Nasty stuff -- horrid smell, unpleasant texture. An experiment, to be repeated once more with a different brand. More on the taste later. Then to make the non-vegetarian ones: aaahhhh.... much better: locally made sausage, much nicer to work with, and I know that it is going to be good.

LOML phones as I am finishing up the sausage rolls: in addition to having our friend Allan over for dinner, we have two more guests coming over. Now. Allan arrives too: and suddenly the kitchen is full of people. All my plans for roulade, focaccia, cheesecakes fly out the window. Many hours and much wine later, sleep beacons. This morning I threw together the dough for the focaccia: LOML is going to make the roulade and a carrot cake, and hopefully there will be enough for the vegetarians in the group to eat.

As for the vegetarian sausage rolls, I found them rather on the inedible side of inedible. Oh well. Our vegetarian friends will have to forgo the pleasure. Or in the case of some of them, temporarily regard pork as a vegetable!


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