Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Parents and food

I sometimes think that there is a hope that one day my children will eat more different foods than my parents will! Actually, my mother is willing to try most things, and has an open mind too -- but my father is extremely set in his ways.
The strangest thing about this, though, is that he actually likes an enormous variety of foods, appreciates very spicy foods, likes lots of different flavours, etc -- but at the same time, he's absolutely unwilling to try new things.

Very strange. At least he's easily satisfied with a can of beans. And he did try the paella, and enjoy it (though I had to make two batches, one with squid, one without....)

By comparison, so far, at under 5, Boo and Skibo eat a relatively diverse range of foods -- relative to their friends, whose cuisines consist of just noodles, noodles with cheese, or just cheese, that is. I'm actually quite hopeful that they are both about to blossom, food wise!

Yours, in anticipation... of decades ahead, probably,


kenju said...

My son has always eaten whatever was put in front of him, as did my dad and mom. My daughters are so different: one eats almost everything and the other is finiky and eats foods serially, one after the other. She won't touch black-eyed peas, one of my favorites. The other daughter won't eat ham, although she did when she was small. I have never been able to figure out where they got their food habits from.

kenju said...

I forgot to say that my daughter's children (the daughter that eats ewverything but ham) are not picky at all and will try everything. They love salad, and they love going to salad restaurants and piling their plates high with it. I am amazed at them everytime I see them. They love fruit too, and prefer that to sweet stuff for snacks.

T said...

I eat almost everything except pineapples and kiwis. I'm allergic to those.

My visit to Spain and the encounter with its cuisine gave me new favorite foods, one of them paella. I just love it. Especially the shrimp kind with lots of saffron and spicy sauce.


~A~ said...

I hear ya about kids friends and foods. The only thing I can not get the kids to eat is potatoes. They'll eat fries at times, rarely chips. But in any other form, not at all.

But the weirder the food seems to their peers the more the clonies suck down. I was raised with an wide open plate, Honey learned to like other than the norm from being stationed over seas.

It's so much more fun and easier when kids like more than just "kid food".

Rebecca Taunton said...

Parents can be funny sometimes. My Dad will try anything, more or less, but my Mum limits herself to the things she knows (which is actually quite a lot). She'd be perfectly happy with baked beans on toast too.